Of course this sounds ridiculous, but let me make a comparison here.  It is really easy to tell when somebody hasn’t been taking care of their teeth for 10 years.  But how about their spine?  Can you tell if there is some degeneration (cavities), some curvature (crooked teeth) or even improper nerve communication (let’s call this halitosis)?  If your spine was on the outside I think people would be more concerned about it and take better care of it.  Nobody wants to be the kid in school with the arthritic and crooked spine sticking out of their shirt.

It is really easy to take care of your spine.  All you have to do is stop in to see my smiling face once every 4-8 weeks for a chiropractic adjustment.  Get adjusted and have a massager run on your back then lay on a roller table that helps relax your tight muscles.  I’ll even throw in a lunch time special and give you a few extra minutes to nap on the traction table and we don’t have to tell your boss 🙂

Take care of your spine so it can take care of you with chiropractic care and Elements Chiropractic.