I use this analogy a lot.  If you go to the gym once you are still weak and out of shape.  But if you go consistently over time you see a change in your body.  You become more fit, stronger and healthier.  Chiropractic care is exactly the same.  You can’t expect to get adjusted once or twice and feel great right away.  Would you take two antibiotic pills and assume your pneumonia will go away.  No way!  Healing and strengthening the human body takes time.  Your body is the most amazing structure in the world.  What other machine do you know that heals itself, can change the shape of its body through diet and exercise, that adapts to its environment, responds to pain….

Take care of your body with chiropractic care.  Wellness care is much more beneficial than sickness care.

Dr. Brett Myers has been a practicing chiropractor in the Kalamazoo area since 2002.