Every year I get usage results from insurance companies.  The cost of patient care and how many people in our community are using chiropractic care versus other specialties.  In 2014 14% of the Kalamazoo area saw chiropractors.  This seems like an alarming number to me, seeing how as much as 85% of the population will have back pain at some point in their life.  So what are they doing?  Taking over the counter medications and seeing their family doctor most likely.  Not bad choices, but let’s look at that.  Pain medication efficacy has been shown to be about 45% effective for low back pain, whereas, chiropractic care is 73% effective.  WOW!  You read that right.  You can have less low back pain and not have to pump medications into your body.  Now how about this for a stat.  If you see your family doctor and take medications to help control the pain while undergoing chiropractic care you could see an 85% improvement in your back pain.

A stat filled post today, but the numbers speak for themselves.  Chiropractors are the experts when it comes to back and neck pain.  This is what we spend our entire schooling and careers focused on.  Nothing else but making your pain go away and your body function properly so you don’t hurt yourself again in the future.