If you have a muscle spasm in your back it can cause your spine to be subluxated. Your spine works as origin points for the majority of your muscles in your back.

If these muscles become strained and tight they will pull on your spine causing it to twist out of position. This twisting motion is what we call a subluxation and it causes compression on your nerves.

This nerve compression then causes inflammation and pain. This starts a cascade of events that causes the muscles to tighten and restrict the range of motion of your spine to prevent damage to the nerve.

Nerves are one of the most important pieces of anatomy in your body. They control movement, sensation, daily functions, automatic functions and reflexes. You can see why our body works hard to protect these critical components.

Chiropractic adjustments correct the subluxation and your chiropractor can also release the trigger points with various techniques to return you to proper function.

You can’t dry off while still in the shower, meaning if you don’t fix the problem you can’t fix the symptom.

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