This is the most common time to see injuries from falls, of course because of the ice and snow.  Even if you don’t hurt yourself when you fall you can cause misalignments of your back and neck that will cause you problems down the road.  It is always easier to fix a problem as soon as it starts.  Much like treating bronchitis instead of pneumonia.

If you do fall, icing for 20 minute intervals is always the best treatment right away.  It will help decrease the swelling and inflammation that makes it even more painful.  And it’s a little dose of irony.  Another point to remember is you don’t necessarily have to fall to hurt yourself.  If you slip and do that herky jerky move to try not to fall, you can also twist your spine out of place, and of course seeing a chiropractor can help!

Elements Chiropractic accepts same day emergency appointments just in case you need us right away.

How to apply ice can be found on our website too under Symptoms and Treatments.