There are about 80 chiropractors in the Kalamazoo area.  So how do you decide which one is right for you?  Is there a difference between all of us?

Let’s start with technique.  This is how we adjust your spine when you come in for treatment.  There are manual adjustments (cracking) and instrument adjustments (no cracking with a spring loaded tool-see an older blog).  Manual adjustments tend to be more rough and instrument adjustments are more gentle.  Perfect for older patients, children or just those that don’t like rough adjustments and all that cracking.

We all receive the same education in school so no difference there.  Some of us do more with nutrition, exercise, sports, children or just general family care.  For me I have a family based practice and see patients of all ages (youngest patient so far was 2 days old and oldest was 98).  Chiropractic care can benefit every body (bad pun).

I use a gentle technique and concentrate on patient comfort and education.  I want your adjustment to be an enjoyable visit that you look forward to in your hectic life.  I also enjoying educating my patients about their condition and how chiropractic can help.  Even if you have seen another chiropractor and didn’t like it give me a call, I’ve even seen chiropractors that I didn’t like the way they adjusted me.