Well obviously it is so we can make more money…right?  Well let’s look into this a little further.  Yes it is true we get paid every time you come in for a visit. However, ethically and legally we can not provide medical care when not needed.  The real reason is chiropractic is a manual medicine.  If you went to your family doctor and had bronchitis he would give you antibiotics and cough medicine.  How many times does he tell you to take those medications?  Once?  No, that would be silly.  You take a course of the medications to kill the bacteria and make you healthy again.  So you go to the chiropractor and your back hurts, our prescription is for manual medicine, or adjustments.  Just like you wouldn’t take one antibiotic pill and expect to feel better why would you expect one adjustment to heal your aching back.  The repetitiveness of the medications and adjustments is what makes you feel better.