We are officially half way through summer and the sports camps are in full swing.  Sending the athletes onto the fields and courts means they need to be keeping their bodies, and spines, in tip-top shape.  Every professional sports team has a team chiropractor.  Even the Kalamazoo Growlers have an amazing chiropractor that helps them stay healthy (shameless plug for myself).

Every athlete puts their body through a tremendous amount of stress and strain.  I’m not talking about just football and hockey players that are full contact sports.  Did you know the sport with most injuries is cheerleading?  Every athlete that expects their body to be able to perform should be adjusted.  Getting adjusted increases the range of motion of joints, increases flexibility, and decreases the likelihood of suffering an injury.  Sure, chiropractic care can help once you have injured yourself or you develop pain, but the most effective treatment is preventative care.

Here is an example;  Professional athletes are adjusted on a regular basis and that could be as often as every couple of days to every week or two.  Why would it be any different for young athletes?  It shouldn’t be different, especially when chiropractic is so readily available.  The appointments typically take about 20 minutes, Dr. Myers has a very flexible schedule and loves working with athletes to enhance their performance and help them stay healthy.

Professional Athlete Testimonials About Chiropractic