You’re not imagining it, you might really be more achy in this cold weather.  Your muscles are tighter and less flexible, therefore, they are limiting the range of motion of your joints.  Secondly, when you shiver your muscles are rapidly and repeatedly contracting to generate heat to keep you warm.  It’s really a survival reflex that produces heat to keep your vital organs warm.

So what can you do.  Well obviously you can dress correctly for the cold.  Layering and limited your exposure in this scary cold.  Then you can take a hot shower that will help relax the muscles.  And of course you should come to the chiropractor get adjusted.  All that shivering and tight muscle tension will cause subluxations (misalignments of your spine) that will cause pain and in the future arthritis.

Chiropractic wellness care is just a wise investment in your only body.