Chiropractors help golfers with back pain on a regular basis.  From the weekend duffer to the professional tour, golfers develop low back pain.  It is a direct result of the mechanics of the swing.  I wrote an article many years ago for a magazine about the correlation between low back pain and golf, even before Tiger Woods was getting adjusted for his low back pain due to golf.  It doesn’t matter your skill level, you are susceptible to strain and damage to your spine and hips with swinging.  Of course being over weight and a weak core make the recreational golfer more prone to injury.

Always make sure you warm up before playing.  Try to hit some balls at the range and do some simple stretching for your core muscles and legs.  Of course you should always swing easy and not try to kill the ball.  If you do hurt yourself while you are playing don’t continue to play and think it will just go away.  Ice helps as an emergency relief while you are driving to my office to get fixed back up.  The sooner you correct the damage you have caused the easier it is to fix, and the sooner you can get back out on the course.  Golf season is too short here in Michigan to suffer with a nagging back or neck injury.  Give us a call and enjoy your summer more!