This concept of chiropractic first for back and neck pain before pain medications and surgery is not a new concept.  The Michigan Association of Chiropractors amongst many other groups have been pushing this mantra for decades.  However, now the Oregon Health Plan has joined in on the understanding we have an epidemic in this country.

Pain medications are addictive and in the past five years we have seen a real shift with the policy to prescribe pain medications. I’m sure you have seen the billboards and television commercials about prescription medication abuse.  If you do seek out care at an Urgent Care type facility they prescribe something like an ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) rather than narcotics.

The Oregon Health Plan, this is their state funded plan, has advanced its role with back and neck pain in regards to chiropractic care and other forms of pain management.  They are now recommending chiropractic care first for all back and neck pain conditions with the possibility of pain medications and surgery for conditions that have been proven to have benefit from the prodecures.

So why do we care about this all the way back here in Michigan?  Because it shows the validity of chiropractic and it shows that as a nation we are finally starting to recognize there are nasty addictive side effects to pain medications and get this…There are no side effects to chiropractic care!  Unless you want to consider decreased pain, improved quality of life and increased energy level side effects.  It’s not unusual for chiropractors to hear, “not only does my back feel better but I have more energy and sleep better.”  Yep…chiropractic is just that cool!

Chiropractic works and it is safe, gentle and effective.  Dr. Myers is currently accepting new patients and participates with most insurances, even Medicare and all Medicaid plans.

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