Each week I write about chiropractic and how it helps various conditions.  I use imperial evidence to show that chiropractic is a vital science.  Last week the Gallup poll came out that gave us a good insight into how chiropractic is helping literally millions of patients.  We also discovered some of the follies in our education of the patient community.  This poll can be found in last weeks blog, if you are interested.

One of the astounding findings in that article, for me personally, was that chiropractic care was preferred over physical therapy and massage therapy.  The majority of the respondents said they would see their medical doctor first and then a chiropractor.  I think is a good choice but it makes us realize that we have to educate our family doctors on what it is that chiropractors do and what conditions we can help.  Good news…  I am on the front lines working the Borgess Hospital and the physician group along with other chiropractors in our area to educate not only the community but also our fellow providers, especially medical doctors.

A large portion of the population does not realize how much education we have accumulated to be chiropractors, what conditions we treat, what type of treatments we provide, and that we work closely with family doctors, neurosurgeons, and radiologists on x-ray and MRI imaging.

The link below gives a list of blog articles with evidence based research to back it all up.  Not just opinion, but scientific fact.  I am not a contributing doctor to this site.  You will not find my name on the search lists, I just think it is a good resource for educating.


Chiropractic research website