Most insurances do help pay for chiropractic care.  Some even cover it at 100%.  Typically your insurance company will help you pay for a set number of visits in a range from 12-40 for the year.  You may have a copay or deductible.  A copay is a charge that is paid at each visit and a deductible is a set amount that you have to fulfill before insurance will help you pay for your health care. Elements Chiropractic has a variety of financial plans that can assist you if you have an excessively large deductible or no insurance at all.  Chiropractic care has also been shown through studies to be more cost effective than medical care for back pain, sciatica, arm pain, neck pain and headaches.  Chiropractic care helps patients return to work quicker than physical therapy or medications too.  Chiropractic works, you should try it out this year.

Examples of Insurance Companies that Elements Chiropractic participates with:

BCBS, BCN, Aetna, Priority, UHC, Medicaid programs (UHC, McLaren, Meridian, State of MI, Coventry Cares), Medicare, Cofinity, Smart Health, ASR CoreSource, Cigna, Healthscope, Humana…

We participate with most insurance companies, and would be happy to check benefits for you.