This time of year we all start to experience more stress.  From the joys of cooking and hanging out with family to the excitement of racing around to find that perfect gift.  And of course don’t forget about all that lovely Michigan snow that we get to shovel and snow blow around the neighborhood.

All of these things of course take a toll on our bodies.  Typically stress and strain is less obvious than a pain from an injury.  We all know when we slip on the ice and fall we could hurt ourselves.  But we don’t really think about the damage our body is suffering from sitting at a computer, looking down at a phone or even picking up those cute little kiddos.

Just like getting the flu or a head cold, you don’t just wake up with it one day.  You were exposed days earlier and then that virus or bacteria was able to culture and cause the symptoms.  Same thing happens with your back and neck.  Stress and strains cause you spine to become subluxated and then pinch on the nerves causing pain and muscle spasms.

Here is a really cool thing.  Chiropractic care helps decrease pain, muscle spasms, and stress (yep you read that right).  And even cooler.  The side effects of chiropractic care are:

“Positive outcome themes included increased options and hope, increased ability to relax, positive changes in emotional states, increased body awareness, changes in thinking that increased the ability to cope with back pain, increased sense of well-being, improvement in physical conditions unrelated to back pain, increased energy, increased patient activation, and dramatic improvements in health or well-being.”

Seriously!  Check it out it was a published article.  

Who wouldn’t want to feel better and have a better holiday season.  We are here to help you.  Give us a call and find out how Elements Chiropractic can help you.