As I was watching tv over the holiday break I saw an infomercial for the newest back pain gizmo on the market, the kyroback.  Touted as being your own personal chiropractor at home.  It does a lateral swivel motion that is supposed to open your disc space and alleviate low back pain.  I would agree that this lateral motion would be beneficial for some of the population, assuming they don’t have a disc tear or herniation or degenerative joint disease.  For the asking price of $300 (of course with three easy payments) you could also come and see me almost 6 times if you were just paying my cash rate.  If you have insurance odds are you could come even more for that cost.  So which do you think would be more beneficial, a laterally swaying machine or your doctor of chiropractic that went to school for 8 years and specializes in spinal degeneration, disc herniations, subluxations, back pain, neck pain, sciatica…. I’ll even show you how to do free exercises at home that will mimic this same motion and strengthen you back at the same time.  Chiropractic care…there is no substitute.