This is the time of year that most people vow to eat healthier, exercise more, save more money, spend more time with family…. I agree that all of these are wonderful ideas and resolutions.  One thing that is often over looked as the key to good health is wellness care.  Almost all of us have grown up with the notion that you only go to the doctor when something is wrong or you are sick.  Chiropractic care works for “problem solving” issues extremely well.  We are second to none with back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, tingling hands etc.  But often wellness care is misunderstood. Sometimes viewed as a greedy doctor looking to make money.  But the reality is you should be adjusted about every 4-8 weeks for wellness care.  How often do you change the oil, even when your car is running fine?  How often do you go to the dentist for a cleaning even if you don’t have a sore tooth?  You’re spine needs maintenance too.  Make it a resolution in 2015 to stop in and see my smiling face about 10-12 times this year and discover the benefits of taking care of your health before problems arise.