Chiropractic care can help patients that have spinal degeneration.  I’m sure at some point you have heard people say they have degenerative disc disease, arthritis in their spine or even a “slipped disc.”  All of these conditions can be helped with chiropractic care.

The article below discusses a small study that shows an increased range of motion and decreased pain after just one chiropractic adjustment for patients with spinal degeneration.  Your spine and the discs undergo a lot of wear and tear even in every day activities.  The disc can become damaged and this causes the joints in your spine to lock up, or subluxate.  A chiropractic adjustment restores the proper mobility of the joints and alleviates the pressure on the discs, thereby decreasing the pressure on the nerve and the resulting pain.  This is done with gentle pressure with the doctor’s hands or an instrument that applies a quick pressure to realign the spine.

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Chiropractic and Degeneration