As I was enjoying my second cup of coffee on a lazy Saturday morning, I watched CBS This Morning and was excited to see a segment about back pain and wellness care.  There was a recent study that showed conservative physical therapy was not effective at treating low back pain.  During follow up visits a year later patients showed no change at all in pain scale or range of motion.  They went on to recommend wellness and preventative care.  Oh my gosh, THIS is what chiropractors have been talking about for decades!!! Yes, wellness care for your spine and your whole body.  It is easier to prevent pain and illness than to treat it.  Change the oil not the engine.  Get a teeth cleaning not cavity fillings.  Get adjusted to prevent back pain and keep your spine healthy not only when you hurt.  Ok, that is good with the analogies.

Chiropractic care is very effective at treating low back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, numbness and tingling, etc. etc. when it comes to musculoskeletal symptoms.  The new medical model is shifting to wellness and preventative care.  The CBS show recommended a healthy body weight, exercise, stretching and proper seated position.  I agree with all of those, but, if your spine is misaligned and causing damage you will still have back pain, even with regular exercise.  A classic saying in our chiropractic world is, “it’s not wear and tear it’s wear and lack of repair.”  You need to see your chiropractor on a regular basis.  How regular?  Well I go once a week, of course I have a very physical job and know the benefit of getting adjusted on a regular basis.  A lot of patients would benefit from once a month for wellness care.  

A typical office visit takes about 20 minutes.  You are worth it.  Your health is worth it.  Take the time out of your busy schedule and make time for preventative wellness care.  Why wouldn’t you want to feel better and be healthy?  Give me a call at (269) 381-2200, I am happy to help you.

CBS This Morning