This year we are celebrating 125 years of chiropractic. The first chiropractic adjustment was performed in Davenport, Iowa by D.D. Palmer. We celebrate it in September because D.D.’s birthday was September 18th.

More importantly, it shows how far chiropractic has come and how long the profession has been around. A lot of times people are confused by what chiropractic is and feel it may be a pseudoscience. In reality there is a tremendous amount of research in the chiropractic field showing the neurological reaction to a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractic is far more reaching than just back pain and headaches. For years chiropractors have been promoting wellness care to prevent injuries and illness. A properly functioning spine and nervous system allows all of your bodily systems to perform at their optimum. Literally every event and function your body performs involves the nerves that traverse through your spine.

Give chiropractic a try and find out how you can benefit from regular adjustments.