It’s no wonder you see all this infomercials at night talking about new gadgets for back and neck pain, the perfect mattress or pillow and of course Shaq dancing with no back pain.  The US spent 3.2 trillion dollars on health care and this is how it breaks down by chronic conditions:

  1. Diabetes $101 billion
  2. Heart disease $88 billion
  3. Back and neck pain $88 billion

I attached a link to the article below in case you want to read the whole thing.

Chiropractors are perfectly set up to help with all three of these conditions, but let’s really focus on the main one that is our specialty.  Back and neck pain.

There is no better treatment for back and neck pain than chiropractic care.  In previous blogs I reference the research polls that showed chiropractic was more effective than pain medications and physical therapy for spine related issues.

Chiropractors literally spend their entire career focused on solving one set of conditions, back and neck pain.  Why wouldn’t you want the experts and specialist working with you on your condition.  Would you have your primary doctor do open heart surgery.  Of course not, you would see a cardiologist.

As a little side note, did you know that a lot of chiropractic offices help patients focus on improving their lifestyle with better diet and improved physical activity level?  Decreasing your spinal pain can allow you to start to exercise again, lose weight and hopefully motivate you to eat better too.  As I’m sure you know improved diet and exercise are two key improvements for diabetes and heart disease.  And that exercise will help improve your core strength too, decreasing the likelihood of hurting your back and neck again.

We weren’t designed to sit in a chair all day, or look down at that phone or laptop.  This puts excessive strain on our spine, not to mention the sedentary activity for 8 hours plus a day.