The benefits of sleep have really come to light over the past few years with more people undergoing sleep studies.  The medical community is realizing the benefits of sleep and how our bodies use sleep to not only heal but also prevent chronic diseases.

The attached article discusses the benefits of sleep in helping reduce inflammation that is one of the underlying culprits in fibromyalgia, cardiac disease, diabetes and arthritis.  Even a short cat nap of 20 minutes with your feet up on your desk or in your car after lunch is enough to recharge your batteries, decrease stress and inflammation and even make you a safer driver.  In other studies they have shown sleep deprived people react similar to intoxicated drivers with slower reaction times.

If you don’t have time at work I have a really cool intersegmental traction table that has rollers that massage your back, alleviates tight muscles and improves joint mobility.  And you get to lay on it for 10 minutes and can even take a nap (we can add a few minutes so you can get your well needed 20 minutes of nap time, your boss will never know).

Don’t sleep on the benefits of napping