I saw a sweet little girl the other day and as I was getting ready to adjust her she was scared and crying.  After a little time calming down and explaining what I do as a chiropractor we had a successful adjustment.  Turns out she realized chiropractic care is fun!  

This encounter made me think about our inherent fear of the unknown and for children the fear of doctors too. Every week I have somebody tell me they want their friend or family member to come get adjusted but they are scared and don’t know what I do.  For children a typical family doctor’s appointment may end in a shot or vaccination, so it is nice to see a doctor and feel better with no pain from the procedure.

A typical chiropractic appointment takes about 20-30 minutes.  The first appointment I like to discuss your medical history and do an examination that involves orthopedic tests.  Basically it is moving your body in normal range of motion to look for fixations or pain.  If need be we can refer you for x-rays and can get to work adjusting you.

Adjustments are gentle pushing on your back and neck and I can even use and instrument to adjust that has a gentle quick thrust.

I’m a really nice guy, I wouldn’t want to be in a profession where I hurt people every day.  Give chiropractic care a chance.  I’m certain you will agree it is an appointment that you look forward to over time.