Two fun topics to cover here.  The first one is in regard to low back pain due to arthritis.  The study below in the link shows that chiropractic care and heat can be an effective way to decrease your pain due to arthritic changes.  One of these best things about this type of treatment is it keeps you away from all those nasty arthritis drugs like Celebrex.  Remember the big recall about it causing heart problems?  Chiropractic care is natural, safe, gentle and effective.

The second topic that I get a lot of questions about.  If you get your spine adjusted will you develop arthritis.  The old wive’s tale of cracking your knuckles and getting arthritis.  The answer is no you will not!  Chiropractic adjustments are specific, meaning the line of drive or force is along the joint, therefore, it is not causing any damage to the joint.  The exact opposite is actually true.  If you get adjusted on a regular basis (meaning once a month) you will decrease the likelihood of developing arthritis in your spine because the joints are working properly.