Your body has the ability to adapt to its environment and protect you. If you take care of your body and allow it to function as it was designed to work you don’t have to live in fear.

I know, isn’t that a crazy idea??!! Let’s look at how your body builds resistance to a virus or bacteria.

Let’s take a seasonal flu exposure as a great example. The virus enters your body and your body immediately recognize it as a foreign invader that has to be destroyed. Your body marks the cells and creates immunobodies and commences search and destroy (insert Metallica music here) . Then the next time you are exposed you already have the gene recognition to fight off that same virus. You may get a scratchy throat or feel a little “under the weather,” but you won’t get the full blown flu.

This works the same way for an exposure to any virus or bacteria. Have you wondered why one person tests positive for covid-19 and has no symptoms and the other guy died? A couple factors play in on this one. First the asymptomatic person was able to adapt and produce antibodies to destroy the virus with minimal symptoms. The second person was not able to produce the antibodies properly and the virus was able to multiply and cause symptoms. In addition to immunosuppressed, diet, pre-existing conditions etc.

So how do you be more like the first person that can fight it off?

1. Healthy diet. That means more fruits and vegetables, less processed food, decreased alcohol, no smoking, lean proteins and healthy carbohydrates. Don’t forget good hydration too, that means water not pop!

2. Exercise. Get out there and move. Exercise boost your immune system. And a proper body weight allows your body to not be fighting against itself while it fights off the invaders.

3. Chiropractic care. Literally every cell in your body is controlled by your nervous system. When the virus/bacteria enters your body it has to be marked and then communicated back through your nervous system for the immune response. If you are subluxated and the nerves are not working properly you have a decreased immune response.

4. Proper hygiene. It amazed my how many locations closed bathrooms in a knee jerk response. One of the best public health actions you can take is washing your hands.

Be smart about your health and think for yourself. You can’t expect a mask and a vaccine to protect you from 40 years of neglect and abuse to your body.