Many chiropractors tell people getting adjusted will help cure their cold, allergies etc.  In reality chiropractic care helps your body adapt to its environment better.  The central nervous system that is made up of your brain and spinal cord are the master control centers of your body.  Information comes in to your body, in the form of bacteria, viruses and pollen in this example.  Your body will respond to these “bad” things with an immune response or histamine (makes snot).  If you are able to fight off the bacteria or virus you don’t get sick.  Every wonder why you can be up with a puking kid all night with the stomach flu, and you don’t get it?  That’s because your body was able to fight off the virus, and unfortunately they were not able to this time.  Getting adjusted boosts this ability to fight off infections and stimuli in our environment with a properly working central nervous system.  Get adjusted for better health.