I’m sure you have heard, “a chiropractor isn’t a real doctor.” And that isn’t totally wrong.

A chiropractor does not prescribe medications, potions, lotions and pills for ailments. We use the body’s own ability to heal itself to treat patients. “Wait…I thought chiropractors cracked backs to make headaches and back pain go away?!”

Chiropractic philosophy is that the body has the ability to heals itself from the inside out not the outside in. Meaning you should use your own immune, nervous, digestive, respiratory and lymphatic systems to heal yourself. Not depend on some drug, vaccine, topical cream or injection.

Chiropractic has been around for 125 years. That goes back to 1895. Just 30 years after the Civil War ended. “Real Doctors” were still blood letting at that time. Letting out the evil spirits and removing the “bad humour” inside the body. That was the theory, that there was bad blood making people sick.

At the same time chiropractic care was budding into an alternative to the magical elixirs. And for the last 125 years it has stayed the same. We are still adjusting subluxations to remove the nerve interference to allow the body to function properly. And a great “side effect” is often less symptoms like back pain, headaches, numbness and tingling. But really we just allowed the body to function properly.

Dr. Fred Barge would say, “chiropractic always works, sometimes the chiropractor does not.” Meaning removing nerve interference will have the correct response, maybe the chiropractor is not using the right technique, or doesn’t have the right philosophy, or is too distracted to provide a quality adjustment. Maybe they have been drawn in to the main stream ways to conform and forgot what chiropractic care really can do for our patients.

I know I really got on my soap box for this post. With these “uncertain times” and the “new normal” shouldn’t you at least know what chiropractic care provides about and how it works? I had a patient this morning tell me their doctor told them to stop seeing the chiropractor because it was making their joints too loose. What??? No it doesn’t! Chiropractic aligns the joints to work correctly. Do your car tires perform better aligned or misaligned?

Educate yourself and discover the benefits of the chiropractic lifestyle. It only makes you better and stronger…and there isn’t any kool-aid or space ships coming to save us “pseudoscience quack chiropractors.”