I was standing in line at the pharmacy last night to pick up a prescription for one of my kids, simple antibiotic, should have been a quick stop.  As I was standing there rather late in the day I was amazed at how many people were standing in line to get medicine.  The poor overworked pharmacy tech was less than enthusiastic to be working and appeared rather frustrated with all the customers before me.  As I stood there I thought, you know I really love what I do for a living.  I help people stay away from this pharmacy.  I provide not only pain relief but wellness care instead of sickness care.  

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth talking about again.  Wellness care is taking care of your body so it can function at it’s optimal performance.  You can look at that from an athlete perspective or from just a basic health stance.  Your nervous system controls every organ and system in your body and chiropractic adjustments allow your nervous system to communicate and perform correctly.  Therefore, allowing your body to adapt and heal itself.  Sure I help people with back and neck pain everyday but in all honesty the real power of chiropractic is helping you take care of yourself.  Wellness care is the new model that is being pushed with the Affordable Care Act.  Medical models are looking to prevent diseases rather than provide “sickness care.”  Chiropractic is of course perfectly poised for this position.  It’s not just a ploy to get you in our office once a month and adjust you, it really does benefit your body to be properly aligned.

As you know chiropractors do not prescribe medications, and sometimes you will find chiropractors that don’t like their patients taking any medications.  As you can tell I am not dogmatic like that.  Sure I adjusted my kid to help with their infection and help their body heal itself, but I’m not opposed to helping the body along when necessary.  This is the difference between a philosophy with a purpose and a dogma.  I know chiropractic works every time, but I’m not too proud to ask for help when needed.

The article I attached below shows that 70% of Americans don’t like their job.  I love my job!  Everyday I look forward to helping people feel better and explaining to my patients how to take care of themselves.  If you have seen chiropractors in the past or are new to chiropractic, I would love to have you as a new patient.  I work with all major insurances, even Medicare and Medicaid.

Americans don’t like their jobs