I understand this thinking.  I grew up only ever going to the doctor when I was sick too.  In fact even today it’s hard for me to schedule a yearly physical with my family doctor.  However, I do get adjusted every week even though I don’t have musculoskeletal complaints.

A short little story.  About three years ago I had a fall on the ice and hurt my back.  A typical presentation to a chiropractic office.  Of course I had been getting adjusted regularly before that too, but I had the injury and needed more regular care.  I would get adjusted 2-3 times a week for about 6 months.  I feel much better now and quite frankly enjoy not being in pain.  I know that regular adjustments help my body stay healthy with proper joint mobility, proper nervous system communication and less muscle tension and spasm that can result from stress and strains throughout the day.  My body requires that I get adjusted about once a week to maintain proper function and not have symptoms.  I don’t want symptoms and I don’t want my patients to have symptoms either.  That is why I recommend my patients follow up with care, even after their pain is gone.  Some of my patients come in only once every 6 weeks for a “tune up.”   We call this wellness care, and it’s not really any different than getting your cholesterol checked at your family doctor.  I want to see patients when they have no pain and keep them that way.  Life is a lot more fun when you can play with the kids, water ski, golf, bowl, play in the garden….

Let’s make a health care deal.  I will work on getting to my family doctor for a medical check up more often, and you can work on getting to your chiropractor for wellness care more often 🙂