Germs make you sick and subluxations make you hurt.

This is a pretty generic statement.  In fact it really isn’t even right.

There are no such things as germs.  Seriously!  Biologically speaking germs don’t exist.  There is no microscopic organism called a germ.  It is a term created for the general public to understand bacteria and viruses.  There are “good” and “bad” bacteria and viruses too.  I’m sure you have heard of probiotics.  These are a supplement that help your “good bacteria” in your guts flourish.  This helps with digestion.  All that gas that your body produces, where do you think that comes from?  Bacteria!  A by-product of bacteria helping with digestion of the food we eat is methane.  This is expelled from our bodies as laughter inducing gas to an eight year old boy.

When you are exposed to a “bad” bacteria or virus this is what will make you sick.  And really it’s not sick, it’s your body fighting off the bacteria.  Sometimes vomiting and a runny nose are good.  That is your body flushing the bad guys out of you.

And get this, just because you are exposed to a bacteria or viruses that made your friend or kid sick doesn’t mean it will make you sick.  If you were already exposed to a similar strain your body can destroy that bad guy before it causes the symptoms.  Or if you immune system is healthy enough it can fight it off.

Do you know a critical communication point within you body for your immune system?  (I’ll pretend like I’m waiting for your answer)  It’s your nervous system.  Bad guy comes into your body.  Attaches to a cell.  That cell sends out a signal that is transmitted via your nervous system.  This signals your immune system to kick into effect.

So what if you nervous system is restricted by a subluxation.  A misalignment of your spine causing pressure on the nerve not allowing it to communicate.  Well you may get sick even if you body has seen that strain of bacteria or virus before.  Subluxations not only make you hurt but they also cause your body to not function at it’s optimal performance.  

Chiropractic adjustments help boost your immune system, help decrease your pain and make your function at your optimal performance.