For starters let’s just look at the education of a chiropractor.  I have talked about this in the past on blogs so I won’t bore you with the same information, but more of a realistic look.  A chiropractor has a degree from a four year university/college then goes on to chiropractic school for four more years.  A total of eight years are spent to become a chiropractor.  Not only is that a great deal of time, but a great deal of money for all that schooling.  I’m sure you have heard people say chiropractors are quacks, scams or some other derogatory comment.  When people tell me that I ask them, “does it make sense that I am running a scam for over thirteen years in practice and hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt?”  Seriously, I’m sure there are much more lucrative scams out there.  I assure you chiropractic is not a scam!!!

Chiropractic Research Articles

I love science based research.  I think it is the second best way to understand and prove validity to what we do to the lay public.  Of course some of the articles are technical when you read them, but the bottom line is chiropractic works.  And that is the best way to prove the validity of chiropractic care.  Every day in practice I have a patient thank me, and tell me how much better they feel.  How happy they are they started seeing a chiropractor.  How much more they can do in life.  How awesome it is to not have nagging pain.

Don’t listen to all the nay sayers out there, find out for yourself if chiropractic care is right for you.  The best part about seeing me as your chiropractor, I’ll tell you in all honesty if chiropractic care isn’t going to work in your case.  I refer patients to other providers on a regular basis so they can get the care they need.