Patients are often confused about how chiropractic works and what conditions it can help.  People often think if they have a herniated disc (often called a slipped disc) they have to have surgery, physical therapy or pain injections.  In reality chiropractic care is often the most effective treatment.  The study below is a new study that shows some exciting results.  For patients with low back and leg pain as a result of a disc herniation chiropractic adjustments can provide up to 80% relief in 2 weeks and as much as 95% in just 3 months.  Compare this to the recover time of a surgical repair of a disc that is 6-8 months, plus you have no scar tissue from the adjustments.  Did you know that typically once a patient has a back surgery they will need another surgery in about 20 years?  If you are 40 you can almost plan on one or two more in your lifetime. 

Dr. Myers uses a flexion distraction technique in his office.  With this procedure he can apply a gentle pressure with his hands to alleviate the pressure on your disc by separating the vertebra (bones) of your spine.  There is often no cracking or twisting with disc herniation patients.  So if you are worried about the traditional wham bam chiropractic adjustment with your back pain, you can rest at ease.  Dr. Myers uses a very gentle and effective technique.  

Try chiropractic first for you back and neck conditions and save the invasive surgery and injections as a last resort.

Herniations and Chiropractic