This video gets a little technical but it is an amazing example of how the central nervous system changes with just one chiropractic adjustment.  Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) is a clear fluid that runs through the brain and spinal cord and supplies nutrients and provides protection as a cushion.  It does not provide any neural communication so it doesn’t have an effect on pain, but it does have a huge effect on a damaged or compressed nerve and it’s ability to heal.  These nutrients are vital to the healing process.  So by having the proper flow of CSF you are speeding up your healing process.

Often after getting adjusted patients state they have a feeling of being lighter in weight, less tightness, a clearer mental thinking, an improved sense of well being and even increased happiness.  These “side effects” could be cause by the increased flow of the CSF.

Chiropractic care is very effective at decreasing pain, however, some of the overlooked benefits over better health are often missed by not only patients but by people not utilizing chiropractic care.  Give us a call and find out how chiropractic care could benefit you too!

CSF Flow Changes with Chiropractic Adjustment Video


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