This time of year people flock to the gym and exercises classes to fulfill New Year’s Resolutions. Of course I think this is wonderful that people make the effort to take care of the only body they have. One of the best things you can do to help prevent and stabilize back and neck issues is exercise. Well of course in addition to seeing your wonderful chiropractor for regular tune ups 🙂

The only problem that starts to arise is sore muscles and joints from starting the new routines. Of course you would expect some soreness, but when is too much and how do you know if it’s just an overused muscle or a subluxation causing a “pinched nerve.”

A few good rules of thumb.
1. If the pain radiates and crosses a joint it tends to be a nerve rather than a muscle. Like a pain in your neck that runs into your arm or even your hand.
2. Muscle pain should decrease in a couple of days and is often helped with heat. If heat makes it worse, odds are it’s inflammation causing a nerve to be irritated.
3. Use ice for joint pain. Ice helps decrease swelling that is the main cause of pain in joints. Your body tends to be melodramatic when it comes to swelling. It is an old protection mechanism from the days when we were hunters and gatherers.

When should you give in and come see me? If the pain is worsening of course, if you have a limited range of motion, if the pain has not decreased after a week and especially if the pain is radiating or shooting down an arm or leg.

What if you don’t hurt, should you be getting adjusted? This could be a whole blog on it’s own. The answer is yes. Especially with a new workout routine, you are putting extra stress and strain on your body and you want to make sure you repair the wear and tear before it becomes a bigger problem.

Have a good workout and let’s make this an awesome year together.