Everyday we are all exposed to forms of stress.  Our bodies adapt to them in different ways.  Often a symptom patients develop is back and neck pain in response to stress.

There are three types of stress.  Emotional, physical and chemical.  A quick run down of these forms of stress.  Emotional stress is when you have a bad day and come home with a tight neck and shoulders or a headache.  Physical stress is after doing activities like yard work or fun stuff like golfing or jet skiing.  Chemical stress is often one form patients never think or know about.  Chemicals such as alcohol, drugs (both prescription or recreational), and even junk food can cause musculoskeletal symptoms.

Homeostasis is how your body constantly adapts to its environment to maintain certain levels.  For instance temperature regulation.  We have talked about shivering in the past and how this can cause subluxations in your spine.  The same occurs with stress adaptation.  When we are exposed to any form of stress our body adapts to it and we use our nervous system as a means to adapt and change in response.  Where chiropractic gets involved is we work on allowing a good communication between your peripheral nervous system and your central nervous system.  Your spine is the gateway to your central nervous system.

Getting adjusted helps your body maintain this homeostasis and adapt to its environment.  We are all going to have a bad day or indulge in a McDonald’s cheeseburger from time to time.  It’s all about how your body responds and getting adjusted is one of the best ways to stay healthy, and it’s all natural.  No nasty drugs that cause chemical stresses!