As a health care provider our office will remain open to serve your chiropractic needs.

Chiropractic care is essential to the public health and aids the hospital and urgent care facilities. If the only treatment for musculoskeletal issues was pain medication this would create a massive drain on other health care providers that are already under increased stress.

When you consider 75% of the population has back pain at some point in their life you can see how quickly the hospitals would be dealing with over crowding for treatment of this condition. In addition to the tremendous wait times and close proximity in a virulent rich environment.

Prolonged sitting is awful for you back and neck. So we anticipate an influx of sore patients from sitting on the couch watching Netflix and from poor ergonomics with make shift home work stations.

Bottom line….chiropractic care will be available throughout the “lock down.”

Dr. Myers is here to serve you as always!

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