I’m often amazed at how many people I meet that don’t know how chiropractic works.  I figured a good way to start the lesson would be teaching what the spine actually does in our bodies.

The spine serves basically two purposes, protection for your central nervous system and support of your body.  Your central nervous system is your brain and spinal cord.  As the spinal cord exits the brain it travels down the spine.  Along the way there are nerve roots that branch out at each level.  These nerves exit through holes between the vertebra (bones of your spine) called foramen.  In between each vertebra is a disc that works as a shock absorber and also holds the two bones together.  It is actually a ligament that is attached to the bones.  When somebody says they, “slipped a disc” that’s not quite right.  In reality the disc doesn’t slide around in there.  Check out my disc herniation blog here to learn more.

The really exciting part about your spine is not the bones, joints and discs, it’s the nerves! Chiropractors use the spinal bones and discs as a vehicle to make changes to the nervous system.  Your central nervous system controls literally every single action, reaction, movement, sensation, feeling and pain in your body.

When the nerves exit your spine they turn into the peripheral nervous system.  These nerves travel out to your arms and legs as well as into your internal organs.  At this point there are receptors that “talk” back to the brain to have a constant state of balance.

If there is interference in this communication your organs will not function to the maximum potential, you may have weakness, tingling, numbness, burning and even pain.  Chiropractic adjustment correct this interference and allow the nervous system to function properly.  This results in decreased pain, tingling, burning and proper organ function.  Give us a call and find out how chiropractic care can benefit you!

Spine with exiting nerve roots from                   the spinal cord.