Any person that has ever owned a business or provided a service or product has encountered this question.

To be honest for years I struggled with this question.  What really does make me different than the literally 80 other chiropractors in the greater Kalamazoo area from the public viewpoint?

Recently I have seen a trend in chiropractic care that seems to be pulling some offices in a different direction than me.  I spent the weekend watching webinars of doctors all over the country with new and innovative ideas to what they feel chiropractic is and will become.  After watching those my analysis and answer to this age old question got a lot easier.

I’m a chiropractor.  I provide chiropractic adjustments that eliminate nerve compression and allow your body to function properly.  Which means less pain, better range of motion, improved immune function and better overall health.

I don’t push a bunch of supplements or nutrition on my patients.  I don’t have some neuro feedback gizmo that I use to determine muscle weakness or off the wall testing that takes days to analyze.

I refer for x-rays and MRI’s as needed.  I use range of motion and palpation to find and correct subluxations.  It’s not some big puppet show that is probably more entertaining, but it’s effective!

I enjoy treating patients.  Talking to patients.  Encouraging patients.  Providing hope to patients that are lost in the medical world of test after test and no answer.

My office is casual and relaxed.  My wife, Sarah, works with me and a lot of days we both wear jeans.

If you are looking for a chiropractor that will treat you with the philosophy, art and science that chiropractic was built and founded upon then I’m the guy for you.  If you want a bunch of diets, supplements, nutrition, gizmos etc I can probably give you a name of somebody that would be good to see too.

Give us a call.  We are accepting new patients and always welcome back old patients as friends.  We look forward to helping you in your journey to pain free and improved health with chiropractic care.