Of course getting adjusted is one of the most important things you can do for both your spine and overall health and wellness.  As you know from previous blogs I have talked about the benefits of getting adjusted to maintain proper nerve communication and health.

Let’s look at another aspect of your health and responsibility of being the owner of your amazing human body.  Jerry Seinfeld had a comic bit that said if your body was a car you would never buy it.  You have to brush and floss your teeth, comb your hair, put on deodorant, take a shower, get enough rest…. The human body requires a lot of maintenance.  Dentist have done a wonderful job educating us on the benefits of regular teeth brushing and cleanings at their office.  And of course the occasional filling to prevent a nasty root canal.

Mom never said “brush your teeth, do you back exercises and go to bed.”  Spinal health is something that honestly is overlooked until there is something wrong.  “Ah, man, Doc, I woke up with a kink in my neck,” or “for no reason at all my back hurts and my foot is numb.”  At this point we are on damage control, like filling a cavity.  Then I have to teach you how to actually take care of your spine once we are out of the fire.

If you have trolled around my website you know there are some back and neck exercises on my Symptoms and Treatments Page.  There are more advanced exercises too that I like to give to patients.  They are called Foundation Training.  They are an excellent workout for both spinal health and core strengthening.  I attached an introductory video here as a tease so you can get an idea of what they are all about.  I would be happy to share more videos with you of course.  Making Kalamazoo and Portage spines healthier one at a time 🙂

See you soon!!