Did you know you can be subluxated and not have pain? Just like your car tires can be low on air but not be noticeable. There can be underlying issues that you are not detecting. With a subluxation you may have a decreased range of motion and decreased nerve communication. Much like your low air pressure could cause decreased gas mileage.

Will having an asymptomatic subluxation kill you? Well no. But it can cause a decreased immune system or organ function. Literally every cell in your body is controlled by nerves.

When your arm or hand has pins and needles from sleeping on it, that’s caused by a compressed nerve. One of the most common mistakes I hear from patients, is they think decreased blood flow is what causes that feeling. Decreased blood flow causes blanching of your skin, discoloration and coldness sensation. Nerves provide feeling and movement.

Some of that can be blamed on the blood based medical model we are all used to having over the years.

It is going to sound like a way to drum up business but you should get adjusted even when you feel fine. Regular wellness or maintenance care is extremely beneficial to your health. Would you rather prevent an illness or disease or treat it once you have all the symptoms.

Regular chiropractic care can boost your immune system, improve your range of motion, decrease joint degeneration, decrease disc degeneration and even prevent organ disfunction.

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