It’s not just in your head that you are more achy on a rainy day.  And it’s not just old people that have joint aches when a storm is moving in.  The barometric pressure changes affect your joint pressure.  Even more so if they are subluxated.

Joints are made up of fluid that has the ability to move from inside the joint cavity to outside to control the amount of pressure.  When the outside pressure changes it changes much more quickly than inside your joint.  This is why you get achy when it rains.  Think of it like pool water.  The air temperature changes over night but the pool water doesn’t get as cold.  This is the difference in thermal properties of gases and liquids.  Basically the same effect with pressure.

Some people have more aches and pains when it rains because their joint is subluxated, arthritic or degenerating.  Chiropractic adjustments are the number one way to correct subluxations and decrease that pressure in your spine.  Adjustments even line up the joints correctly so can slow down the progression of arthritis.  Stop in and visit us on a rainy day.  It will make you feel better!