The main difference between chiropractic care and traditional medicine is the methodology behind treatment. Chiropractic is focused on identifying the cause of the symptom, while traditional medicine is focused on alleviating the symptom.

We will use neck pain with headaches as our example. If you are suffering from headaches that are recurrent multiple times a month you might be inclined to seek medical advice. Following up with Urgent Care or your family doctor will most likely result in imaging of your neck and head to rule out a pathology. Followed up by medicines to decrease or alleviate the symptoms.

If you choose to see a chiropractor for the same condition you would also expect imaging to rule out pathology. Followed up by chiropractic adjustments that work to alleviate the nerve compression, joint edema, decrease blood flow and muscle spasms that are causing the neck pain and headaches. This treatment can be either the traditional manual adjustment or using an instrument that is a gentle fast adjustment.

The difference between the two is the goal to remove the problem at it’s root cause. Not just mask over the symptoms. This little guy will bail out his boat all day, but until he plugs that hole he will still be struggling with his symptom (the sinking boat).

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