It is odd to think that pain is a good thing for your body. It is an essential part of your body function and communication. There is a condition that some people have no pain receptors. You can imagine the problems that can develop if you have a broken arm, perforated intestine or failing heart that never gives you a pain warning.

Of course one of the main driving factors for patients to present to my office is pain. And the patient wants to be out of pain yesterday. It’s hard being a patient patient.

Back pain and neck pain, really the bread and butter of chiropractic, is caused by compression on nerve roots, inflammation of the joints in your back and the resulting spasm of muscles. “It’s just a muscle” is really not true. You can pull a muscle of course. Lifting a weight that is too heavy or repetitive exertion. But a pulled muscles (muscle strain) will not cross a joint, radiate, tingle, be numb or shooting pain. You will have pain when using the muscle with motion.

Back and neck muscles spasm as a result of the nerve being pinched and irritated.

Pain is good, it’s a way that our body talks to us. The same as a tickle that is a mosquito biting.

Listen to your body. If you have pain you should get checked up. And of course wellness care is always great too!