We see a lot of patients coming in with aches and pains from getting out and doing spring clean-up. Bending, lifting and reaching to pull weeds, pick up sticks and leaves, and carrying hoses all take a toll on your spine. Especially after a sedentary winter of hiding from the snow and cold.

We are all excited to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and warmer days. It’s always a good idea to do a little light stretching before doing the yard work, golfing, power washing, etc. Feet shoulder width apart and do a toe touch. Scissor stance and arch back stretching your abs and hip flexors. Lateral bends to warm up those oblique muscles.

Ice for 30 minutes afterwards is always helpful to decrease the joint swelling and decrease the pain the next day. Of course chiropractic adjustments are extremely helpful! We always have same day appointments if you get a little too overzealous out there.