Instrument adjusting is a low force high speed adjustment. The instruments are made by various manufacturers, Activator and Impulse are the most popular.

Our office uses an Impulse instrument. It is a spring loaded device that can deliver a quick and painless adjustment. How it works is a call back to physics class in high school. As I’m sure you recall, Force=Mass x Velocity. I’ll help you in case you forgot a few of the details.

The force is the pressure or adjustment that is going into your spine to correct the subluxation. This can be delivered by the chiropractor’s hands or with the instrument. A manual or hand adjustment uses more mass or weight to adjust whereas an instrument uses more speed or velocity.

With the more speed and less pressure it makes a safe, effective gentle adjustment. It is great for adjusting the cervical spine (neck) and extremities. Also it is perfect for older patients and children.

We use both manual and instrument based adjusting at our office. It is based on clinical presentation and patient preference.

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