Did you know at Elements Chiropractic we also carry products that cater to your health needs?

Recently we started stocking:

Custom made orthotics by Footlevelers ($200).  These are custom made in house and can be made for any shoe type and activity level.

Biofreeze ($15).  The traditional topical analgesic.  It helps decrease pain by making your skin warm and cold.   Great for at work or sleeping.

Cervical pillows also by Footlevelers.  These are pillows that have increased cervical support for both side and back sleepers.  We can even custom make a pillow to your body shape and specific condition and bed type.  Standard pillows are $40 and custom pillows are $120.

TENS Units ($75).  These small battery powered units have electrodes that you place on your skin.  An electric current makes the pads tingle tricking your brain into not feeling as much pain.  Great for chronic pain sufferers.

Tennis elbow braces ($45) by Serola.  Tennis elbow is an over use injury that you can suffer from repetitive motions at work, home or even the gym.  These braces provide relief and rest for the over worked tendons.

Foam rollers ($25).  These dense foam rollers have really taken of over the past few years to help work out tight muscles, fascia adhesions, tight tendons and joint fixations.

Gel Packs ($10-25).  We have two sizes of ice/heat packs.  6×9 and 10×15.  Perfect sizes for neck or back icing and heating.  You can even get a cover so you don’t have to wrap the pack in a towel.

You don’t have to be a patient to stop in and pick up any of these items.  We can also order specific products for you if we don’t have it in stock.