This is going to be a completely different way of thinking of your health care for a lot of people.  I’m sure you have heard about wellness and preventative care over the past few years with the new ACA changes.  You most likely get one well visit examination per year with your family doctor for a physical your insurance will cover at no cost to you.  The theory on this is, it’s easier to prevent a disease or catch it early than play catch up.  I always use bronchitis as my example.  If you have a rattle in your chest when you breathe and you go to the doctor early you will prevent it developing into bronchitis or pneumonia.  Which are obviously more difficult to treat.

The same applies to chiropractic care.  On a daily basis I have patients tell me, “well I kind of thought it would go away, then after three weeks I realized I needed some help.”  It usually takes more visits after that because the muscles have had a chance to tighten up and guard against further injury.  Then to get your spine to adjust we have to calm down the muscle spasm and then we can adjust the spine to alleviate the pinch on the nerve root.

I talk about wellness care a lot in my blogs and posts.  It is always easier to maintain than fix something.  After my patients start to “feel” better I always recommend they follow up for wellness care that amounts to one visit about every 3-4 weeks.  Getting adjusted on a regular basis like that helps correct subluxations, decrease muscle tightness and trigger points, allows the nervous system to function properly and helps prevent future injuries.  And one of the coolest parts of it all, if you do “hurt” yourself with some over zealous yard work or your buddy decides to whip you off that tube on the boat it usually only takes a couple adjustments to get you back on track.  Instead of weeks of care.

A well adjusted spine is a happy spine!

A well adjusted spine is      a happy spine!