Our office is able to remain open. We are adhering to the open if possible and close if necessary ruling.

We have made some changes at our office that include: spacing out the lobby chairs, reduced our staff to just Dr. Myers, sanitizing and cleaning even more often than usual, decreased our patient appointments per hour and treating emergency patients. The definition of an emergency patient is a patient that is in pain and would seek care at their family doctor, ER or Urgent Care facility. As opposed to a routine well visit when a patient presents with no pain.

It is advisable that everybody make an educated decision on what they feel is a safe action for their own health. If a patient does not feel safe having an appointment with our office there will be no penalty for missing or canceling and will remain an active patient in the future. We would appreciate it if you called us before coming in or scheduling an appointment with the unusual circumstances.

One of our goals for patient care is to reduce the volume of patients that will be utilizing hospitals and Urgent Care facilities for musculoskeletal conditions. This will help decrease the burden on those facilities and keep patients from being potentially exposed.

We feel chiropractic care is an essential part of the health care system as does the Michigan Association of Chiropractors. We would direct you toward the MAC’s website if you have questions regarding the definition of “essential health care services.” www.chiromi.com

Our dedication to the greater Kalamazoo community has not changed since our inception in the community in 2002 when Dr. Myers started practice. It will remain the same with an attitude of service, gratuity and safety.

Yours in good health!