Chiropractic works different than the medical model for treating your back and neck pain.  If you have back pain and go into the emergency room tonight you will most likely be given a pain medication and a muscle relaxer.  The ER physician will advise you to follow up with your family doctor or chiropractor if the pain is not gone in a few days.  So what did that solve for you?  Nothing.  You may have made it through a day or two, but what caused the problem?  Why do you have back pain in the first place?   Mowing the lawn or playing golf may be what triggered the pain, but how the heck would the benign action of mowing your grass cause back pain?  The answer is that the pain originated from a misalignment of the bones in your spine.  This rotation was the cause of your pain, resulting in enough compression of the nerves exiting your spinal cord.  This is what caused you the effect of pain, not the act of mowing or being active.  We know the cause and effect relationship.

Rather than focusing on the effect, which is pain, chiropractic focuses on the cause of that pain.  By decreasing the misalignment with gentle adjustments we are able to decrease your pain.  This is how chiropractic care fixes the problem rather than just masking over the symptoms.  When you take a pain medication it blocks the receptors in your body from the neurotransmitter that is communicating that signal.  When the medication wears off the pain comes back.  The article below shows that acetaminophen (Tylenol) is not effective at decreasing back pain.

Chiropractic is Better Than Tylenol for Back Pain

Chiropractic care is the most cost effective, clinical outcome effective, drug free, and scientifically proven treatment for back and neck pain.  In closing, you do not have to live with pain.  Pain is not normal and it is an indicator that something is wrong.  Dr. Myers is accepting new patients and would appreciate the opportunity to help you live healthy and pain free.