Listening to the radio this morning I heard the story about the guy that increased medication prices and was arrested.  I’m sure you have heard about it.  When he was being interviewed he stated that he was not the only company to increase prices.  In fact there was an investigation and some prescription drugs went up as much art 1000%.  Yes really, 1000%!  Of course you have to wonder, well maybe the chemical became very sparse.  Or all of a sudden most Americans had to be taking this medication so supply and demand was way out of whack.  Or how about this, drug companies don’t care about you at all and just want to make as much money as possible.  I hate to be cynical and stereotype, but let’s be honest here.  Compare the pharmaceutical world with what I do.

I have had the same non-insured patient pricing for two years.  And even when I had to raise it to keep up with inflation I jumped up $5.  When you meet with me you have an interaction and as needed I will change the treatment you need for that day.  My treatment is working to correct and heal your body instead of just masking things over with medications.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take any medications.  Obviously there are fantastic advancements in the pharmaceutical world that have allowed us to live longer lives and enjoy more time with our families.

There is an answer for you pain.  Literally every week I see a patient that has had chronic pain and finally decides to “try chiropractic because nothing else has worked.”  And I’m proud to say we get some really great results.   Give chiropractic a try and find out how good you can feel.

Article from JAMA on medication usage