As chiropractic becomes more mainstream medical care more and more patients that have never been to a chiropractor are discovering the benefits of chiropractic care for the first time.  Along with this new experience are of course a few points of confusion for patients.  I will clear up a few of them.

  1. Should feel better after just one adjustment?

Not necessarily.  Although some patients do feel better after one or just a few adjustments typically it takes a series of adjustments to start to see results.  Especially if you have a more involved condition like a disc herniation or radiating pain.  I often give the analogy of antibiotics.  If you have a sinus infection and your family doctor gave you a 10 day antibiotic routine you don’t feel better after taking just the first couple pills.  The same is true with chiropractic care.  However, once you have corrected the situation one wellness care adjustment can give you relief often for weeks to months.

2.  Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

Chiropractors have different techniques and what we call handedness.  Handedness is the way the doctor adjust.  Much like artist have certain brush strokes that make their art recognizable to a connoisseur.  Instrument adjusting is also an option.  This is a tool that delivers a quick gentle tap to the spine to adjust.  Much like a nail gun uses speed to push a nail in versus a hammer that uses a lot of weight and force.

3.  What should I be doing to alleviate pain at home?

Ice is most useful to decrease edema and swelling in the spinal joints.  Heat helps with tight muscles, but increases swelling in the joints and pinching on the nerves.  Typically ice is more beneficial than heat for back pain and radiating pain like sciatica and arm pain or tingling.

Dr. Myers has a very gentle technique that most patients are surprised at how user friendly getting adjusted can be.  I tell all my patients that I am a fun doctor to come see.  You should look forward to your chiropractic appointments.